Why Suttonly Lit?

We get asked a lot what sets us aside from other candle companies. Not only are the candles made with 100% soy wax, toxic free and have a flat cotton wick. But each of them is made with pure LOVE & INTENTION in small batches.

Lemme Get A Candle.

Rasheeda From Love & Hip Hop Atlanta

  • forbidden peac soy wax candle

    Forbidden Peach

    Girl I lit your candle tuhday and listennnn it literaly has my whole crib smelling like peaches. It even reached the bathroom. Your scents are very potent.

    -Sara P.

  • Gimmie Suga

    I lit this candle ONCE and immediately fell in love with the scent- It's been lit ever since! It has a gentle, sugary scent that just fills the room and creates such a peaceful enviornment. Not kidding, I light this candle every single day. I can't get enough.

    Tisha E.

  • Spa Day

    When you want to relax let me tell you. This is it. Let it burn and let your mind drift !!!

    Kenny W.