Why Suttonly Lit?

We are different from many candle companies. We take pride in our candles being handmade in small batches with pure love and intention. Our vegan candles are made with 100% soy wax, non-toxic fragrance oils, and cotton wicks. We hope to become your new favorite home fragrance line.

  • True Love

    True Love will have any space smelling like love at first sniff. It is fragrant from the moment you light it.

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  • Luxury

    This room spray is my absolute favorite. When I clean up the house or change the bedding I love to spray this afterwards. It leaves a lovely fresh and luxurious smell.

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  • Your Embrace

    Have you tried this candle? Well what are you waiting for. The notes of Tonka & Oud put me in a warm and earthy luxurious mood.

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